• Free Book: Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life [Kindle Edition]

    7 November 2011

    You are what you think…

    Everything you do in life is determined by the quality of your thinking. If you aren’t thinking clearly, you’re at the mercy of everyone else-from dishonest politicians to aggressive, stop-at-nothing ad agencies. Unfortunately, many people never give any thought to how they think. No wonder they’re susceptible to the frustration, pain, ineffectiveness, and financial loss that result directly from poorly considered thinking.

    Critical Thinking is about becoming a better thinker in every aspect of your life—as a professional, as a consumer, citizen, friend, parent, and even as a lover. Drs. Richard W. Paul and Linda Elder, leaders of the Center for Critical Thinking, identify the core skills of effective thinking, then help you analyze your own thought processes so you can identify your weaknesses and overcome them.

    As you learn how to think more effectively, you’ll empower yourself as never before, discovering new opportunities, avoiding disastrous mistakes, and gaining new clarity throughout your entire life.

    * The six stages of thinking: which stage are you in? Discovering where you stand in the hierarchy of effective thinking * The poor thinking habits everyone falls into-and how to get out of them Getting past the egocentrism and sociocentrism that shackle our progress * Setting higher standards for our thinking Imbuing our thinking with clarity, relevance, logic, accuracy, depth, significance, precision, breadth, and fairness * Thinking more effectively in the workplace Overcoming the unique obstacles to effective thinking in businesses and organizations * Strategic thinking: taking responsibility for your own growth Directing your thinking toward your most important goals and purposes * Critically assessing the views of experts Assessing matters of fact, matters of opinion, and matters of judgment * Practical techniques for making more intelligent decisions Applying critical thinking to life’s key decisions * The ethical implications of effective thinking Why thinking and character are inextricably linked-and how to become a more ethical thinker
    Get smarter—in every part of your life!

    Practical skills for thinking more clearly-and making more effective decisions
    Thinking strategically: using effective thinking to achieve your goals and enhance your life
    Evaluating thinking: yours and everyone else’s
    Overcoming the obstacles to effective thinking
    Thinking more effectively in your personal and business relationships
    Includes exercises for honing your thinking skills every day
    The world gets more complex every day. There’s only one way to cope—get smarter. Thinking more effectively gives you greater control over your life, helps you overcome adversity, and makes it easier to transform your dreams into reality. Effective thinking is no mystery. It consists of practical skills anyone can learn, practice, and improve. Critical Thinking gives you those skills.

    Richard W. Paul and Linda Elder show you how to “take thinking apart” and assess it for quality. You’ll learn how to improve all three components of thinking—analysis, evaluation, and re-thinking. Then, through “brains-on” exercises, you’ll discover and hone new thinking skills that’ll soon become second nature.

    Critical Thinking will help you in hundreds of ways. It will enable you to solve problems more effectively, make better decisions, recognize pathological thinking, and avoid being manipulated. Above all, it will give you the confidence and courage to recognize the path that’s right for you—and take it.

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  • Free Book: Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action [Kindle Edition]

    7 November 2011

    This is the eBook version of the printed book.

    Bestselling author Peter Navarro (The Coming China Wars) and Greg Autry challenges the dominant paradigm of a “Chinese Miracle” – the one featuring a modernizing, progressive Chinese state heading toward political reform and driving global economic growth with its new found embrace of capitalism and freedom.
    Tearing this delusion away, Death by China documents the myriad ways that a powerful, wealthy, and corrupt Chinese Communist Party emboldened by a growing nationalistic frenzy is becoming the biggest threat to global peace, prosperity, and health since Nazi Germany.
    From currency manipulation and abusive trade policies, to slave labor and deadly consumer products, China’s ruthless rulers threaten the livelihood of the citizens of every developed nation. These thugs have created a frightening amoral society ruled by a constant fear hidden to outsiders and bought off with the ill gotten profits of a myopic quest for economic advantage at any cost – social, environmental, or civil rights concerns be damned. Worse, as with everything else, China is scaling and exporting the model around this world, threatening their neighbors and exploiting developing nations across the globe with a new imperialism.
    While America worries that Al Qaeda or Iran may get their hands on a weapon of mass destruction, China is using our Wal-Mart dollars to build them by the score; filling brand new nuclear submarines with missiles aimed at our heartland and building stealth planes designed to obliterate our friends in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

    America’s policy of appeasement and perpetual bending to Beijing’s tacit threat to stop funding our unsustainable consumption based economy and deficit addicted government has left the Chinese people and the world in a frightening position while achieving absolutely nothing. With each new attempt at further “engagement” China simply rounds up more artists, writers, and political dissidents into its gulags and continues its policies of virtual genocide against the peoples of Tibet and the Uighars of East Turkestan. It tightens control over media and the Internet and expands its regional, territorial and resource claims. Laughing at our timidity, it becomes ever bolder in executing its plan to shutter every last manufacturing plant in the West.

    Meanwhile, Western turncoat CEO’s are content with pumping up one more quarterly report by driving every last high-value manufacturing jobs to Guangzhou or Chengdu. Congress is happy to be re-elected with contributions from those same corporations. Together they are happy to leave the rest of us with a future of low paying service and retail “careers” based on selling junk made in China to each other while accumulating a pile of Chinese debt and building a geopolitical time bomb of epic proportions.

    For every American, European, Japanese or Korean reader who wonders where his job has gone and worries about the world his children will inherit, Death by China is a must read. The book features an inspiring Forward by Chinese Dissident, Baiqiao Tang and a brilliant Epilog by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

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  • Free Book: Career Survival Kit (Collection), The (2nd Edition) [Kindle Edition]

    7 November 2011

    This is the eBook version of the printed book.

    A brand new collection of essential insights for your business and career from world-renowned experts…now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

    3 expert guides to supercharging your career… wherever you are, wherever you want to be!

    Three great eBooks help you build an outstanding career! Four Secrets to Liking Your Work helps you make any job more fulfilling and joyful. Use Get a Life, Not a Job to redesign your career with more passion, balance, and money! Then, master The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition’s 108 easy, bite-size rules for moving ahead fast!

    From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Edward G. Muzio, Deborah J. Fisher, PhD., Erv Thomas, P.E., Paula Caligiuri, Ph.D., and Richard Templar

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  • Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Global Terrorists [Kindle Edition]

    7 November 2011

    “Most people wouldn’t think that buying an off-the-truck designer bag could fund terrorism. In my three decades of experience as a former Detective Investigator with the NYPD and now running a private investigation firm, I can say that Hitha understands and explains why this is a dangerous mentality to have. In Black Market Billions, she spells out why the mindset that a stolen designer handbag is a bargain disappears once you consider that your purchase may be funding a deadly organized crime group.”

    lack Market Billions draws on extensive first person interviews with law enforcement, industry personnel, and the criminals themselves. Prabhakar goes “inside” to reveal why the piracy economy has exploded…why preventative measures have failed…and what to expect next, as organized retail crime reaches a terrifying critical mass.

    • Inside the massive, worldwide “piracy economy”
    How organized retail crime went global—and what it means to you

    • The money trail: from boosters and fences to consumers and terrorists
    Shell warehouses and cargo theft: stealingfrom anyone, anywhere, anytime

    • “Money laundering 2.0”: how terrorists are funded now
    From ancient hawalas to twenty-first century gift cards

    • Why the bad guys are still getting away with it
    How terrorist funding keeps slipping through the cracks of today’s tougher laws

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  • Free Inspire!: Why Customers Come Back [Kindle Edition]

    7 November 2011

    Jim Champy revolutionized business with Reengineering the Corporation. Now, in Inspire!, the second book in a series about what’s new and really works in business, he takes on the challenge of inspiring customers–even in tough times. In an era of commoditization and ever less loyal customers, this book shows how to keep customers coming back.

    Drawing on dozens of original case studies from companies in a variety of industries, new and old, Champy reveals how to define a consistent value proposition your customers will be passionate about–and will stay passionate about. You’ll learn how to engage a new generation of customers who value transparency and authenticity above all…how to reinvigorate your company in the face of brutally tough and creative competition…how to go beyond mere marketing campaigns to lead crusades customers want to join.

    Once again, Jim Champy has given businesses actionable solutions to one of the most challenging problems they currently face: making customers stick.

    How to reignite customer loyalty by…
    • Bringing authenticity to everything you do
    • Creating new products that reflect the best of what you really are
    • Delivering new value based on convenience, simplicity, and honesty
    • Nurturing your mystique
    • Choosing the right channel partners
    • Doing well by doing good

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  • Free Thanksgiving Recipes Ebook

    7 November 2011

    Get a Free eCookbook that includes tips on how to Have a Better Thanksgiving Dinner!

    13 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes featuring over 25 pages of tasty and healthy Thanksgiving recipes + FaveDiets Quick and Healthy Recipes newsletter for FREE!

    Get this brand new FREE eCookbook collection of crowd-pleasing healthy Thanksgiving menu ideas perfect for the holiday.

    You’ll find tons of tasty healthy Thanksgiving dinner recipes, including healthy Thanksgiving appetizer recipes and healthy Thanksgiving side dishes! The eCookbook has easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for great holiday recipes, including Not Your Grandma’s Beet Biscuits (page 9), Mashed Potatoes and Greens (page 11) and Vegan French Silk Pie (page 25).

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  • Free Take Back America Book

    4 November 2011

    Fill out the form to request a FREE copy of Take Back America by Mathew D Staver.

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  • The Prague Cemetery (FREE SAMPLE) [Kindle Edition]

    4 November 2011

    The nineteenth century teemed with mysterious and horrible events: the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the notorious forgery that later inspired Hitler; the Dreyfus Case; and numerous intrigues involving the secret services of various nations, Masonic sects, Jesuit conspiracies, as well as other episodes that—were they not documented truths—would be difficult to believe.

    The Prague Cemetery is a story in which all the characters except one—the main character—really existed. Even the hero’s grandfather, the author of a mysterious actual letter that triggered modern anti- Semitism, is historical.

    And the hero himself, though fictional, is a personage who resembles many people we have all known, past and present. In the book, he serves as the author of diverse fabrications and plots against a backdrop of extraordinary coups de théâtre: sewers filled with corpses, ships that explode in the region of an erupting volcano, abbots stabbed to death, notaries with fake beards, hysterical female Satanists, the celebrants of black Masses, and so on.

    I am expecting two kinds of readers. The first has no idea that all these things really happened, knows nothing about nineteenth-century literature, and might even have taken Dan Brown seriously. He or she should gain a certain sadistic satisfaction from what will seem a perverse invention—including the main character, whom I have tried to make the most cynical and disagreeable in all the history of literature.

    The second, however, knows or senses that I am recounting things that really happened. The fact that history can be quite so devious may cause this reader’s brow to become lightly beaded with sweat. He will look anxiously behind him, switch on all the lights, and suspect that these things could happen again today. In fact, they may be happening in that very moment. And he will think, as I do: “They are among us…”

    –Umberto Eco

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  • A Thousand Lies: Lies Every Good American Must Believe [Kindle Edition]

    4 November 2011

    These are a few of the lies we must believe if America’s political system, culture and world dominance is to endure. Our faith in them insures we never question who we are, how we live or the world we have made. We can’t live as we do without them. This list is for all Americans—progressive, conservative, moderate or radical. It is guaranteed to offend everyone.

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  • I’ll Be There [Kindle Edition]

    4 November 2011

    In Angel Ridge, Tennessee, not much goes on around town in the winter. After Christmas, folks usually hunker down and wait for spring to come to the Smokey Mountains. But given recent events, which included a bombing and newspaper publisher Jenny Thompson’s disappearance, people in town are understandably on edge. Now Jenny’s in hiding on a nearby mountain, waiting for trouble to catch up with her and none too sure it hasn’t, when reclusive mountain man Cord Goins comes to her rescue. Stuck between a beginning and an ending, both she and Cord feel powerless to control the dangerous situation they’ve found themselves in, along with the unexpected consequences of falling in love. Deborah Grace Staley lives in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in a circa 1867 farmhouse. She is hard at work on the next book in the award-winning Angel Ridge series. Visit her at http://deborahgracestaley.com.

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